Add To Your WishlistContinuous INVISIBLE Long Chain Zip,1 Pre-mounted slider ! 1m,5m,10m,100m, A+++

Add To Your WishlistContinuous INVISIBLE Long Chain Zip,1 Pre-mounted slider ! 1m,5m,10m,100m, A+++

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Continuous INVISIBLE Long Chain Zip,1 Pre-mounted slider ! 1m,5m,10m,100m, A+++

  • Description

    INVISIBLE Continuous Long Chain Zip 
    No: 3, Lightweight,Closed-end,Auto-lock,Painted sliders
    with 1 PRE-MOUNTED additional slider !
    WHITE Colour/SUPERIOR QUALITY /White coil, white tape, not yellow or grey shadows!
    Tape/zip Size: 0.8 inch/2.2 cm
    1 m   + 1 slider (+1 pre-mounted slider)
    1 m  + 2 sliders ( +1 pre-mounted slider)
    5 m  + 5 sliders ( +1 pre-mounted slider)
      5 m  + 10 sliders ( +1 pre-mounted slider)
      10 m  + 10 sliders( +1 pre-mounted slider)
       10 m + 20 sliders ( +1 pre-mounted slider)   
       100 m + 100 sliders( + 1 pre-mounted slider)
    400 m + 400 sliders( +1 pre-mounted slider)

    Every single bag is sending with 1 PRE-MOUNTED slider :)

    Packages with ALL PRE-MOUNTED sliders:
    - 1 M with 1 or 2 pre-mounted sliders
    - 5 M with 5 pre-mounted sliders
    - 10 M with 10 pre-mounted sliders
    - 20 M with 20 pre-mounted sliders

    Additional sliders :
    *1 bag (2 sliders only) 
    *1 bag (10 sliders only)

    How to find additional sliders:
    After you choose the colour (first box) , then you go over and choose the size you get a selection of sizes and then it says sliders only.
    Make sure you choose the colour at the start because if you don't then we will not know what sliders you are wanting x 

    Bigger orders from 100 M/pack/200 M,300 M or 400 M Whole Roll
    (check our another auction)
    we're sending by Courier ( TNT, DHL,HERMES,PARCELFORCE,YODEL and other... )

    *Invisible Long Chain, No: 3 lightweight continuous zip with painted sliders ( Slider match the zip colour )

    *Made from plastic coil sewn into a polyester tape, the sliders are auto-lock.

    We are sending the flat package / zip in one continuous length. 
    High Top Quality-There is 3 categories (3rd CAT the lowest) of quality. Our Invisible Long Chain Zip is quality No 1.

    Important: The zip has been cut from a Large roll.

    Price include :

    Zip +  sliders  +  delivery ( UK only )

    FREE POSTAGE: (3-5 working days, not weekends )
    We are posting 2 times a day : 

    1.Make a payment before 8 am-and your item will be sent out in the morning-on the same day.
    2.Make a payment before 2 pm - and your item will be sent on the same day.

    PAID POSTAGE:  PRIORITY  (1-2 working days )
     (Your choice, non refundable) 
    MON-SAT ( *SATURDAY for orders £100+ )